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    Lukas Fajger

    I am Front-end Developer with 1,5-year commercial experience. I am coding page templates and writing JavaScript plugins. I have got profound knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS Preprocessors, Jade, SEO/SEM, Web Optimization, RWD and more.

    I am interesting in new trends and I used to keep up with them. In the near future I'm planning to learn different JavaScript Frameworks, such as: Angular 2, React, Node.js or Ember. I have got my own blog about Web Development. Front-end Developing is my biggest passion and I would like to develop myself as much as possible. Here is my online resume.

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    ..and 23 more projects. Unfortunately, I don't have rights to show them.

    You can check details about above projects on my portfolio page.

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    Lukas Fajger Poland / Warsaw
    Phone: +48 698*** Show
    Skype: lukasfajger
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